Top 5 Singles Cruises

Singles cruises are a great way for people to meet in a relaxed and safe environment. Many cruise liners now offer specifically designed lofts for solo travellers, allowing you to share a connecting room with a single friend, while still having the option of some privacy if needed. Travelling overseas can sometimes be difficult when… Continue reading Top 5 Singles Cruises

Travel Trinkets: Make use of all your travel souvenirs

You know what happens when you go on vacation? You look around and spy a t-shirt that would be perfect for your best friend, and then you see a pair of earrings for your co worker, and if you get one co-worker something you have to get the rest of your co-workers something so you… Continue reading Travel Trinkets: Make use of all your travel souvenirs

Taking Pictures Around the World: Three Lessons Learned

We had traveled on a bus for one and a half hours to arrive at Otavalo, a market in one of the high mountain towns near the capital of Ecuador. Getting off the bus, we first encountered the animal market, where locals come to barter and buy every kind of animal available in Ecuador, including… Continue reading Taking Pictures Around the World: Three Lessons Learned

The Best of Gatlinburg, Tennessee

Driving through desolate mountains hoping civilization creeps near. Around the bend, lights shine bright as you pull into a city circled by the Smoky Mountains – Gatlinburg, Tennessee. You check into your roomy cottage realizing the staff awards you with the charm of southern hospitality, yet impatiently waiting to walk the streets of Gatlinburg. After… Continue reading The Best of Gatlinburg, Tennessee

Why Travel? Reasons to Explore the World

I have friends who have never ventured off American soil. When I ask them if they are interested in traveling outside of America, some reply, “no, thanks”. They are perfectly content to go to their graves never having been to a foreign land. I find this extraordinary! I could understand not traveling due to financial… Continue reading Why Travel? Reasons to Explore the World

Packing Tips for Vacation

If you’re like me, you’re so busy that packing for your vacation is done frantically the night before you leave. If you’re not like this, and are one of those super organized sorts that have everything packed well ahead of your departure, don’t bother to read on. Packing for a trip can be a tricky… Continue reading Packing Tips for Vacation

Vacation of a Lifetime

An exciting and adventurous travel couple share their story… Many of us dream about taking a long extended vacation to go out there and see the world but that plan always ends up being shelved simply because it seems more practical to earn the moolahs first and travel later. However, this is when the cycle… Continue reading Vacation of a Lifetime