Our First Singles Hawaii Adventure!


Back in March of 2011 Singles by the Bay Travel Club had our first singles Big Island adventure…and what an awesome adventure it was! Every year our singles travel club goes to this magical island and we go all over the place. I’d be willing to bet we do the only tour out there that gets to see as much as we do in 8 days. From volcanoes & lava, to sea turtles & dolphins, this trip is one of my favorites.

This year we had an awesome group of people who were ready for anything. In the middle of our trip two of our members had a brilliant idea: Let’s see the sunset on Mauna Kea, Hawaii’s largest volcano at over 14,000 feet! So, being the super cool travel club that we are, we decided to take a little detour for the afternoon and begin the awesome drive up to this unbelievable summit.  We arrived just in time and were driving up the last leg as the beautiful sun began to set and cast extraordinary colors over the clouds (we were well above them!) Across the way was an awesome view of Mauna Loa- the Big Island’s second highest volcano.

One of our favorite members (who actually just returned from Ireland with us!) was on this trip and wrote a sweet article about our trip and her experience. Check it out here on her blog: Not Remotely Hip

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