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“I can only say that I had a wonderful time, met wonderful people and that every day was a new and exciting adventure. In addition, is was super affordable.”  Scot from Miami, Big Island ’10

“The group was great, the size of the group was great… Dingle was great and that drive was wonderful. I enjoyed when we got to town before the shops closed so we could get a feel of each town. The last day with the old tomb was incredible”  Linda from SoCal, Ireland ’11

“I so enjoyed getting to see the beauty of Ireland. We got to see the main sites/attractions, the 41 shades of green and the nightlife! Met some amazing people that I now call friends!”  Lisa from San Diego, Ireland ’11

“Loved the variety of the trips, the rental home was awesome, your driving and your music were great. Also appreciated that you were willing to modify our schedule to go to the Mauna Kea summit, wonderful!”  Vickie from Denver, Big Island ’11

“You are incredibly engaging, friendly, responsive and helped me to feel reassured before the trip – it was great to have you email or call back so quickly to answer questions and to provide information on planning for the trip. You were flexible and willing to “take one for the team” when people wanted to split up or get together in a way that they felt more comfortable with. You made yourself available to everyone and were easy to talk to/approach.”  Amy from Colorado, Kenya ’11

“The accommodations were spectacular. Having the main community areas (kitchen, patio, hot tub) where we could mingle was nice. The isolated bedrooms were wonderful for quiet time. The outdoor shower was fantastic. You had a good mix of land and sea activities with great opportunities for photography. Loved the trip to the coffee farm. Very educational. Loved the first beach trip. It was nice to simply relax. Loved the crater hike, the springs next to the ocean in Poloa, and the Thai restaurant. Really did enjoy the trip to the top of Mauna Kea to watch the sunset and hear the astronomy talk. The kayaking and snorkeling with turtles were excellent. The other hikes were good exercise, wonderful vistas, and excellent beachcombing.” Steve from Denver, Big Island ’11

“I especially appreciated finding a group of like-minded solo travelers. Most solo travel groups end up being for the ‘old and retired’ and therefore have a very sedentary experience, or are for the ‘young, single and looking’ people (neither of which is me!)… Our group had a nice mix of ages and backgrounds, which made the people as interesting as the trip itself. I also appreciated a trip with a minimal solo supplement – too often the supplement for solo travelers makes it prohibitive. I will definitely be traveling with you again – as soon as finances permit.” Beth from Michigan, Kenya ’11

“The trip was well worth the price and time put into it. You & Tom planned an amazing itinerary.” Janet from San Francisco, Big Island 2011

The price was great for everything I did. I loved that whole 12 people I have never met before thing … the dynamics were awesome … I loved that you are so organized” Mari from Miami, Big Island ’11

The awesome beauty of nature, with the cliff and beach, walking back up the hill, still surrounded by the beauty of the greenery and watching the waves of the ocean. I’m glad we didn’t just go to a place, get off a bus, take a picture and drive somewhere else. We got to walk in the woods, and rocks and really get a feel for the place.”  Elaine from New Jersy, Big Island ’11

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