Travel Safety Tips

I think we have all heard about tourists being robbed while on vacation abroad. I was warned about this when we went to Italy, Paris and Spain. There are many methods that thieves use to rob American tourists, but the one I experienced in Spain really takes the cake.  I was prepared when visiting Spain.… Continue reading Travel Safety Tips

The Benefits of Cruising

  One of our Members writes about their experiences and thoughts on cruising. Cruises can be a lot of fun……but only if you do it right. Now a day, you can pretty much go anywhere in the world via a ship, so it’s important to plan your trip accordingly. I know there are cruises that… Continue reading The Benefits of Cruising

Dating Over 40: A look into one woman’s single frustrations…

  It’s a cold, slightly windy day. The kind of morning that has you bundled up and wishing you could still be snuggled in the warmth of your bed instead of fighting your way to an overcrowded cubicle with your name on it. Purposefully strolling into the building you walk straight into a solidly tall… Continue reading Dating Over 40: A look into one woman’s single frustrations…

Our First Singles Hawaii Adventure!

  Back in March of 2011 Singles by the Bay Travel Club had our first singles Big Island adventure…and what an awesome adventure it was! Every year our singles travel club goes to this magical island and we go all over the place. I’d be willing to bet we do the only tour out there… Continue reading Our First Singles Hawaii Adventure!