The Best of Gatlinburg, Tennessee

Driving through desolate mountains hoping civilization creeps near. Around the bend, lights shine bright as you pull into a city circled by the Smoky Mountains – Gatlinburg, Tennessee. You check into your roomy cottage realizing the staff awards you with the charm of southern hospitality, yet impatiently waiting to walk the streets of Gatlinburg. After settling in your cottage, you step outside and impressive sights anticipate your arrival. The adventure begins.

Diverse shops, amusements for all ages and exceptional dining line the sidewalks of Gatlinbug, Tennessee. Visit popular shopping areas such as Mountain Mall or The Village. They have plenty of unusual antique gifts, arts and crafts, clothing or almost anything you can imagine. Some shops even give you the chance to make your own creation. For example, Alewine Pottery will let you paint your own ceramics and Santa’s Claus-Et will help you create amusing ornaments.

From Gondola rides to hiking to white-water rafting, vendors sell tickets daily for many amusements. The center of the city also has many fun activities for kids and families such as motion simulators, miniature golf courses and go cart tracks. Plenty of entertainment also can be found in the adjacent city 20-minutes to the west, namely, Pigeon Forge. A well-respected female country artist by the name of Dolly Parton created her own amusement park and calls it Dollywood. She also established Dixie Stampede, a family dinner show where everyone must eat with their hands as no silverware is allowed. No shortage of entertainment exists in these areas of the Smoky Mountains.

It does not matter what tastes you have in food, this city can definitely dish it out. Choose from pizza, barbecue, steak, salads, country cooking, international cuisine or country breakfasts. Many dining establishment place menus on their windows or have outside glass cases with menus inside them. Most will have prices on them, but the ones that don’t are usually the more expensive, yet eloquent. Soak in the hospitality and enjoy the southern accents of your wait staff as chefs or cooks prepare your appetizing meals.


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The Smokey Mountains sound pretty sweet! Perhaps our singles travel club will plan a trip there soon!

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