Top Travel Sites & Helpful Links

Top Travel Blogs

Pause the Moment (Travel more spend less)

Uncornered Market (Around the World Travel Blog)

Indie Travel Podcast (The number one travel blog in podcast form)

Dave’s Travel Corner (Seeing the world one step at a time…)

Art of Backpacking (Backpacking independent international traveler

FoXnoMad (Travel Smarter)

Hole in the Donut (Discovering the world, one culture at a time

Backpacking Matt (Offering travel advice, inspiration, & ideas

Vagabondish (Essentials & ephemera for the curious traveler

Tourist 2 Townie (Travel Deeper…

Carrie & Jonathan (39 + countries and counting! The Adventure Continues…

Beachcomber Pete (Awesome Travel Adventures and a great travel resource) 

Arie’s Travels (World Wide Travel Blog)

English Dad in Moscow (Travel blog and diary of life in Moscow Russia)

2 Nomads, 1 Narrative. (Traveling and teaching our way through Asia)

Backpacking Chica (Everyone can travel – Just believe in yourself and look through the eyes of a backpacker!)

Lifecruiser (passionate hot interest in travel, writing and photography)

Off-Track Backpacking (If you’re not living on the edge, you’re taking too much space)

Kyle the Vagabond (Explore, Dream, Discover)

Escape from Cube Land (Screw the cube, time to travel)

MaiTravelSite (Discover the world!)

The Miss Adventure Journals (The Adventures of a Modern Explorer and her 1930s Counterpart)

Off the Beaten Path (Suggestions for places to go and things to do from a lifelong traveler and author)

Ah Trini Travelogue (A comprehensive travelogue from a travel veteran)

Walking San Francisco Bay (Corinne’s epic tale about and an epic walk)

Unstuck Travel (World Travel & Life on the road)

Seattle Flyer Guy (All purpose travel blog)

Time of Our Lives: A Travelogue (Little musings by two singaporeans)

Lash World Tour (Travel tales, tips and photos from Lash, solo world traveler for 12 years)

Holes in my Soles (A shoemaker’s travels around this world and within the Id)

The Candy Trail (Backpacking Travel Adventures of a Nomad Across the Planet, Since 1988)

The Life and Times of the Curious Cockroach (A college student’s adventures around the world!)

Adventures of a GoodMan (A blend of digital photographic art with stories chronicling a life’s journey)

My Itchy Travel Feet (The Baby Boomer’s Guide to Travel)

Bit by the Travel Bug (Stories resulting from the travel bug. The disease we all know and love)

Wild Junket (Where Adventure Lives)

Great Holiday Ideas (Holiday Ideas Off the Beaten Track)

HikeBikeTravel (Travel inspiration with an outdoor and adventure focus)

Go Girl Magazine (Adventures of Women Around the World)

Men’s Traveler (Online Magazine for Male Travelers)

Travel & Tweet (All Things Travel Blog)

Ten Year Itch (India Travel Blog)

The Traveling Giraffe (Solo travel tales based in the US & Europe)

The Traveling Travel Agent (Travel Blog from an Industry Professional)

Eat Your Kimchi (Korean Travel Blog)

Ruka and Kuusamo Travel Guide (Finnish Travel Blog & Guide)

J The Travel Authority (Adventures in travel, food, wine, design, & architecture)

Solo Friendly (All you need to travel is YOU)

Bacon is Magic (Living life with a different set of rules)

Wayfarers and Pathfinders (Indian Travel Blog: We share our experiences, ethereal and mundane, great and small)

Pinoy Travel Blog (Philippine Travel Blog)

B&W’s Adventures (Where our feet took us…)

The Planet D (Canada’s around the world adventure couple)

The Ultimate Round Trip (South African adventure couple always on the go!)

The Jungle Princess (Popular travel blogger in Las Vegas: “If you want to change your life, You must actually change your life!”)

Over Yonderlust (Childhood sweethearts traveling the world)

Justin Was Here (Comprehensive Travel Blog with all sorts of great travel stuff!)

The Migratory Nerd (World Travel, photography, travel tips, & vagabonding information)

Migrationology (Cultural Travel Adventures & Street Food Dining)

Modern Gonzo (Adventurer, Travel Writer & Television Host)

The Road to Anywhere (Live Free, Love Life, See the World)

Travel Blissful (Inspire and lead to blissful travel experiences)

Crazy Sexy Fun Traveler (“I love to travel, I travel to live”)

My Beautiful Adventures (Born with a gypsy spirit, I never feel comfortable staying in one place for too long)

The Siracusas (Travel & Backpacking Tips, photo essays, & more from this travel couple!)

Aussie on the Road (One Aussie guy in search of a life less ordinary)

Ordinary Traveler (Make it a great adventure!)

Dauntless Jaunter (Travel Blog, Destimation guide, & more!)

Slacker Backpacker (Budget travel at a glacial pace)

This Battered Suitcase (Life devoted to travel)

PhotoJBartlett (Fantastic Photography Travel Blog)

About Goa (Great stories about India’s smallest state)

The Travel Chica (Solo Travel Stories through Latin America)

Sam’s Playground (Thoughts & Experiences While Traveling)

Travel Rinse Repeat (Trip Reports from Around the Globe)

Our Hiking Blog (Bushwalking, hiking & backpacking information, meals, advice)

Faces of the Earth (Beautiful Travel Photography Blog from Tumbler)

Aspiring Backpacker (For New Travelers: Just Read Up & Set Off!)

No Onions Extra Pickles (Art, Travel & San Francisco)

Travel Squire (A digital news magazine and travel planning service called The Travel Therapist)

Travel Resources

Globetrooper (Great way to find travel partners and post trips

TravAddict (Adventure Travel on a Budget)

Darn Good Digs (Outta Site Inns for In-The-Know Travelers…)

Australia Rocky Travel (Online Australia Travel Guide)

Go Mexico Guide (Mexican travel destinations, culture and cuisine)

The Family Adventure Project (Inspiring families to live adventurously, promoting independent family adventure)

Travel Experta (All you need to know about traveling in Latin America)

Best Holiday Destinations (Heading There: Live it, Love it, Tell us about it!)

PhotoFly Travel Club (Another awesome Free travel club for adventure and photography lovers)

Singles by the Bay Travel Club (The # 1 Free Travel Club for singles and solo travelers)

Savvy Traveler Zone (Travel Ideas & Tips)

72dpi (Free travel photography sharing website)

Airfare Tools (The best way to compare air prices)

UnRoadWarrior (Practical Tips for Frequent Flyers to Maximize your Airline Miles and Hotel Points)